Toronto’s Women’s Lifestyle Show Loot Bags (yes, plural!)


Kicking myself for not clearing my schedule to go to this event.  100% going next year.

Toronto’s Women’s Lifestyle is the show to go to if you are looking for freebies, awesome coupons + so much more!

If you are going this weekend – here is a 2 for 1 printable coupon here 

Check out what this great fan has shared with us tonight!

Best coupons (in this fan’s opinion) include:

  • $1 Dr Oetker, $2 Cineplex, $1 Dempster Tortillas, .50 Natura Soya Milk and .75 Marzetti which has multiples for most of their products including dips and salad dressings. BUt there is a coupon for everything under the sun she says.
Best Samples she got  was best was from Whiskas, a 500g bag of dry food, a tin of wet and a full size bag of Temptation treats plus coupons!!
She also says … ”

  • “Samples of Twistos, Downy Unstoppables (I love these), TRESemme, the couple of slices of Dr Oekter pizza I ate, there is too many to mention!! Lotions, hair remedies, pens, oils, nuts, spices, milks, chips, I have never sampled so many types of hummus before either!!”
    Thanks Lona for sharing this with everyone … and to make the majority of us jealous 😉

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