Top 5 Couponing Myths!

Since I have started couponing I have heard the same thing from so many people.  Can you really save money, is it worth it,  coupons are for junk food only, takes too much time……..

So I thought I would FINALLY debunk some of these Myths.  Here we go!!

  1. Coupon is only for $1 off, big deal! Not worth it!
    I hear this one A LOT!!! To me any savings is still money in my pocket, but the trick to get more value is waiting until the item goes on sale and then use the coupon with it! Best example I have for this is bodywash (I’m sure all the couponer’s are chuckling at this one) Dove regular price is $4.72 (varies), I waited for a sale that marked it down to $2.49, then used my $2 coupon on top of it!  That’s bodywash for only .49 each! 90% savings!  Looking better already eh?
  2. Coupons are only for junk food.                                                                                                                                                                While there is a vast amount of coupons for snacks and processed food, manufacturer’s have started releasing coupons for healthy food! Maple Leaf Canada is one that has released a number of Prime Chicken coupons, and Ziploc has released coupons for fresh fruit and fresh chicken as well.  Couponing is not only about the junk.  My children are not big junk food eaters, so my coupons will get them yogurt, cheesestrings, even milk!!  It can be done, there are plenty of coupons out there!
  3. Takes too much time to coupon!
    Not sure about you, but I am a mom to 2 and between school volunteering, soccer practices, swimming lessons and Aikido lessons, my time is limited!! Coupon blogger’s everywhere have made couponing easier for everyone! (wink, wink) is the best one out there! Every week matchups are completed so you know the best deals and where to go! How easy is that?! Organizing your trip is made simple so all you have to do is go to the store.  I usually take about 2-4 hrs a week organizing myself and getting ready for my shop.  This is done after kids are in bed so I have all the time, and no interruptions!
  4. I can coupon like that show “Extreme Couponing” and get everything for free or next to free!!
    Oh boy.  Here in Ontario, this is not likely.  Stores here do not allow stacking (using more than one coupon on one item), and rarely do you see a double coupon day.  Having said that though, you can still get free items and amazing savings! Some stores allow for overages (when the value of the coupon exceeds the price) and they will use that amount to apply it to your bill! Walmart is the best for this! An example is the Nexus coupon 🙂 $3 off any Nexus product, Walmart has the small travel shampoo for $2.  Couponers are loving this one! Not only are you getting free shampoo, but you are also making $1 for every one you buy! This is a great deal and a great way to lower your overall bill.  Keep in mind, coupons like this are not very common, so don’t get annoyed that you can’t find one, but here in Ontario, you can still save 40-70 % off your bill without stacking and double coupon days.
  5. Using a coupon is not fair to the store as they lose money.                                                                        This one is the one that makes me laugh the most.  No store would accept a coupon if it meant they would lose money.  Stores are out to make a profit–bottom line.  So what do they gain? Well all manufacturer’s will reimburse stores for the cost of the item, plus a handling fee.  The handling fee is .08 a coupon, so they make money when you use one! Think of a big store like Walmart and how many coupons they must get in a day! Possibly thousands just in you using coupons alone!  And, the easier the store is with their coupon policy, the more likely you will do your entire shopping there, so spending more money in the long run.  For the manufacturer, their hope is that a consumer will use their coupon and love their product so much that they become lifelong customers which means more money for them. Everybody wins!!

In the end, is couponing worth it? I think so! Year to date I have saved 66% with couponing, allowing me the extra cash to do things with my children that I really love! Disney here we come! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Couponing Myths!

  1. Bob Eagen

    I heard about this website on CBC this morning and went on line to find you. It was a very interesting website and I’d thought I would print up a few coupons. However, when I presented them at our local Metro story, they flatly refused to accept them. There story was that in this day and age anyone can design and print up anything they want. If this is the case, why are you encouraging us to print these off????? No one will accept them! One other concern I have is looking at the small print on one of them I noticed that this had expired in July of 2012!

    • christine

      Sue and Susan are right Bob, Metro does not take printables. Not sure which coupons you found that are from 2012 🙁 I have a few great posts I can share with you via email that should help you out. Thanks for tuning in

  2. Sue

    I’m sure Coupon Christine will speak up here too but when you’re using printed coupons, not all stores will accept them. It depends what their coupon policy is. When you get used to couponing you know which stores will take printed coupons and which ones don’t. Metro is one that doesn’t take printed coupons. I don’t know which coupon you printed but they shouldn’t print out expired. Is it maybe 2013? Don’t be discouraged! Smartsource printed coupons are widely accepted at many other stores.

  3. susan

    Metro will not accept printed coupons unless it is their own from their website. If there is something on sale at metro that you want to buy with a coupon take the flyer and price match at walmart or RCSS or anywhere that does price matching. You do have to check the expiry date on coupons before you use them as well check to see if it says one coupon per customer per transaction which means you can only use one. It is says one coupon per purchase that means you can use 1 coupon per item purchased. Hope that helps.

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