**Top 3 stockpiled items of 2012**

  With 2012 almost done, it’s nice to sit back and reflect on your couponing in 2012.  What were the top 3 items you stockpiled this year? I can bet a lot will be the same, but here’s mine.

1) Bodywash

2) Deodorant

3) Resolve (LOL)


What were your 3 favourite coupons and hoping to see again? For me:

1) Multibionta- Cheap or sometimes FREE Vitamins

2) Nexxus – FREE Shampoo and Conditioner and overage!

3) Cottonelle- With a sale paying as little as .08 a roll !


What 3 things were you able to do because of couponing?

1) Donations to my children’s school, and multiple food banks

2) Providing many family members and friends with bags of free groceries

3) With all my savings, installed a pool for my kids!


Let’s see how many different, great answers we can get!

15 thoughts on “**Top 3 stockpiled items of 2012**

  1. melanie moody

    1.) Pasta
    2.) Resolve
    3.) Laundry soap

    see again:
    1.) Barilla
    2.) Gain
    3.) cascade Bogo

    donations/give aways:
    1.) Pasta
    2.) toothpaste
    3.) Tissue (toilet paper/facial tissue/paper towels)

  2. Ann Freele

    1, Resolve, 2. Laundry Detergent 3. Aspirin/ Tylenol Backpain
    Wish to see again:
    1. Purex Laundy $3 coupon. 2. $6 aspirin coupon 3. Any CocaCola product coupons
    Able to do because of couponing
    1. survive job lay offs. 2. Provide for family 3. donate to local food bank when able

  3. Chris Crawford

    My Stockpile favourites
    1) Cereal (still swimming in the stuff)
    2) Royale TP (very useful!)
    3) Nestea
    4) Bear Paw Cookies (still giving them away and have 3 more coupons yet for this year)

    Hope to See Again Coupons
    1) Purina pet food fpcs
    2) Amazing fpc collection from this year (various too many to name)
    3) $2 Popcorn
    4) $2 pop coupons

    1) Bodywash
    2) Resolve
    3) Arm & Hammer laundry soap
    4) Nestea

    Great Memories from new couponing friends though is my #1 favourite 🙂 Thanks!!

  4. kim

    stockpile favorites
    1)body wash

    hope to see again
    1)bbq sauce
    2)more arm and hammer laundry soap
    4)bear paws

    1)body wash

  5. Vikee

    Stock pile
    1.) Hair products (mass amounts of mousse, spray, shampoo, conditioner)
    2.) Popcorn
    3.) Pasta/Deoderant

    Hope to see again
    1.) 5.00 Iams dog food
    2.) Tetley
    3.) Nestea

    Things I could do thanks to couponing:
    1.) Afford our Wedding December first
    2.) While neither me or my husband was working (and while he was in school)
    3.) While still providing for our six month old baby
    4.) AND still manage to make a large donation to local womens shelter

    WOOO!! Go Coupons!

  6. Canadian Budget Binder

    We never did find the Nexxus a someone cleared out every pad in the city the first day they went up but they were a great coupon. We stocked up on toilet paper , multibionta and toothpaste this year as we have so much of everything else. Coupons aren’t as lucrative as they once were back in 2010 and 2011 but there are still savings to be had and we will keep on using them.

  7. Debbie


    Hill’s Science Diet

    We were able to pay some rather steep vet bills for both pets with the money I saved. Thank goodness

  8. shelley

    laundry detergent
    Glade spray

    All the FPC’s that were out in 2012
    Villaggio bread

    Was able to work part time from home for the first time in 46 years! yay!
    Hope 2013 is even better for all couponers!

  9. sherry webb

    1. Royale TP
    2. Tide
    3. Bodywash and Toothpaste

    Hope to see again:
    1. 3.00 off printable Splenda
    2. B2G2 free Ceasars Dog Food
    3. 1.50 off All Bran Bars

    1. Pasta
    2. Soup
    3. Toothpaste

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  11. Lisa Goss

    TOP 3 Stockpile items:
    1. FOOD: Barilla Pasta ,Uncle Rays BBQ sauce, Mustard, Relish, Pickles, Bear Paws, Chocolate, Campbells soup, Nestea, Oasis juice boxes, Thinsations

    2. Cleaning/Household: Resolve, Febreeze, Green Works, Vileda, Scrubbing Bubbles, Ziploc, Glad sandwich bags, Toilet paper

    3. Personal/Beauty: Toothpaste, Vitamins, Zantac, Advil Cold & Sinus, Nexxus, Dove Body Wash, Dove Deodorant, Bar Soap (ALL types), Hair sprays, Mousse, Body Lotion, Vaseline, Feminine products,

    3 Coupons I hope to see again:
    1. Food: Heinz beans $2 WUB 5, $1.50 Thinsations, $5 Skinny Cow, $5 Maple leaf Prime, $2 Gevalia Tassimo, $4 Iogo, $1.50 ANY Chicken, $.75 Produce, $3 BD cheese WUB2, $.75 ANY cheese, $1 Pillsbury Crescent rolls, $1 Toaster Strudels, $1 Eggos,

    2. Cleaning/Household: $1WUB1 ziploc or $2 WUB 2 ziploc, $3 Purex, $1 Snuggle (good on any), $3 WUB1 Tide, $2+ Toilet paper (NOT size or type specific)

    3 Personal/ Beauty: $2 Loreal Studio line, $3WUB2 olay (Good on ANY), $3 Nivea (good on ANY), $3 Nexxus (good on ANY), $7 Centrum, $10 multibionta,

    3 Things I’ve been able to do this year because of Coupons:

    1. Various donations to family, friends, co-workers, and organizations throughout the city, Adopt a family for Christmas as well as over 20 small Christmas hampers donated.

    2. Purchased a 2008 vehicle -as our 1998 needed to be retired

    3. Lowered my Christmas spending for 4 children, 2 grand children and TONS of family and friends from a budget of $1000 to UNDER $400 total – as well hubby and I were able to take a vacation to where we spent our honeymoon. Lowered my weekly spending budget from $150 a week to $50 a week and sometimes EVEN less as we try to live off our stockpile – and MOST importantly I was able to bless others with the knowledge of “HOW” to coupon and save $

    Thx EVERYONE 🙂

  12. kathleen


    $2 royal
    $1.50 folger
    $2.00 baby cereal

    This year
    Donation to the inn
    Surviving maternity leave

  13. Kerri


    1) Pasta
    2) BBQ Sauce
    3) Diapers and wipes

    1) Local womens shelter
    2)Heart and Stroke
    3) Charitree

  14. Barbara

    The top three products I kept on hand this year were toothpaste, dental floss and soap. I figured I can never have enough on hand, especially with a family. We always want to be clean and have white teeth.


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