Throw out the Dollarama Wipes

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You need to immediately discard and stop using

** HUGGIES  wipes

** Merida Cleansing Wipes

FYI …. if you have Huggies wipes sold from other retailers, you should know that because the Huggies wipes was purchased by a middle man and shipped across the ocean, only to end up at Dollarama, they have no record of what happened once the product was diverted.

The problem is that the Huggies wipes were sold to a third party … “The concern that causes for us is when we ship and store products, we are very conscious of the environmental conditions, the heat, the moisture, how it’s stored, how it’s handled, to make sure we do nothing to expose it to environmental concerns that might spur the growth of bacteria,” he said.

But read this and be cautious

5 thoughts on “Throw out the Dollarama Wipes

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  2. Canadianbudgetbinder

    Not surprising to be honest but I still don’t understand how the company keeps saying these products are getting diverted. Why are they not being destroyed and discarded? I don’t understand how they are ending up in third party hands if they aren’t passing quality.

    • Mike

      u guys are so funny why are you blaming dollarama on a kimberly clark product?
      There is no shipping problem like they say if yes then you would have the same problem when you buy it where you keep it does it say on the wipe a temp it needs to be at?
      Dollarama is cheap B/C they are the biggest retailer in canada and they got buying power
      Common geeks wake up and smell the coffee Dollarama is a awesome place to shop
      Besides that health canada didnt confirm yet its just that CBC had another Probe to try to be the biggest so don’t blame anything on the wipes yet cus you might be foolish

  3. Lola

    Damnit! My daughter got impetigo recently and we were wondering where it came from. I will bet you money it’s from the Kirkland baby wipes we bought — which are made by Huggies! I’m going to call them this afternoon.


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