Thought it would be fun to hear from YOU

I love being a part of a couponing group that not only loves to save money, but also has fun doing it .. so fill in the blanks below and submit your comment:

You know you are a couponer when …

you keep receipts not only in the event you need to exchange something, but as trophies of the great sales you have made (and perhaps thinking about framing them too) ;)


28 thoughts on “Thought it would be fun to hear from YOU

  1. Sharon Gross

    You know you’re a couponer when you take your coupon binder EVERYWHERE doctors, visiting friends, mailbox lol just in case you get the urge to shop.

  2. christine Post author

    you know you are a couponer when the mailman waves to you from down the road and yells “hey Christine, could I borrow your daughters wagon for the haul you got coming today?” hahaha (yes, that did happen)

  3. Stacey

    You post pictures of your purchase and a break down of how much you’ve saved on the internet for the world to see… & you admire your stock pile on a regular basis :)

  4. Lorie

    When your kids are your coupon surveillance in the grocery store, and other retail locations. And they get as excited as you about the coupons lol

  5. Sharon Gross

    You know you’re a couponer when you see something on sale for 3.00 and you rush to buy it because you have a $2 off coupon, even though you don’t need it.

  6. Kodi

    When… can spot a coupon from a mile away and you leave your grandma in your dust going to get some :) lol (sorry grandma).

    When… get mad at yourself for buying something that you later find out was 0.50 cheaper somewhere else and you could have price matched it!! LOL

  7. Candice M

    You know you’re a couponer when your daughter says “Whoa mom that’s alot of coupons!” (yes my daughter said that to me today when 5 websaver envelopes came in the mail…yeah I know I will in time come up with something better but for now its all I got lol

  8. Amanda Faith

    You know you’re a couponer when you feel a bit panicked that you’ve only got 5 boxes of cereal left.

  9. linda richard

    You know you are a couponer when you think of your binder and bag as a passenger and strap in. Just in case something happens and you have to stop suddenly. I was thinking up bumper stickers today. Thought of 2 – My binder is my co-pilot and Couponer on board.

  10. Jacquie Colford

    You know you are a couponer when.. U see a coupon in a puddle soaking wet, pick it up dry ut in the car in front of the heater and go back into store and use coupon to save $$…. ;)

  11. christine Post author

    I am laughing out loud at these …. love yours Linda Richard and Jacquie – hahahahah – I have definitely done this!

  12. Kristen

    when you see something on sale marked down to clearance for .99c and you challenge yourself to get an even better deal because you just know theres a coupon out there for it and you’re gonna be the one to find it!!! LOL

  13. kathy

    You know your a couponer when… You dream at night about finding coupons and price matching and wake up and think you actually did find some and are disappointed when you realize it was just a dream.

  14. Heather M

    When you’ve been on vacation in Florida(just got back Tuesday night) and went running out to grab a great deal(that you’ve heard your friends talking about the whole week you’ve been gone) the next morning as soon as you get up and the kids are off to school!

    Yay for the sale at Metro on Olymel chicken!

  15. Kerri

    You know you are a couponer when you mistakenly enter the word “coupon” as your phone password (when honestly the real word isn’t even close to that :) )


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