The importance of a THANK YOU goes a long way!

thank youAs I sat here at my desk wrapping up for the day, I checked my email account to find 3 amazing emails from those who follow daily

It has been such a gloomy last few days in my head, these emails could not have come at a better time.

Thank you again L.B for sharing this touching story about how Lily and I have “saved” you a bundle and perhaps let you sleep a bit better at night

We would like to say how much we truly value all of our friends/fans for their loyal support and appreciation.  We are so very grateful to you all 🙂

I just wanted to write you an email to thank you for all the hard work you do. I graduated from Fanshawe in April of 2012 and got engaged the following September. I was super worried about my finances and planning for a wedding when I stumbled upon your website at three in the morning in October when I was looking for ways to save money (the stress used to keep me up at night). 
Since then I have become a savvy shopper – rarely buying things unless I have a coupon for them. Using coupons I was able to save my money and have my student debt paid off by this past January. I was able to buy a brand new car for myself. 
You and Lily have done a wonderful job helping people to save money through your posts on your site and social media. I just wanted to say thanks for all you do for people you don’t even know. Aside from just saving money, couponing taught through your site has helped me be a better consumer. I look for deals on everything to keep my cost of living low. 
You ladies are wonderful and should know how much you help people.

Thanks, L.B.

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