The Holiday Shoppers Drug Mart Mega Redemption Event of the YEAR and Coupon Christine’s Tips

Rumours are flying that the MEGA REDEMPTION EVENT at Shoppers Drug Mart is going to be the weekend of December 1 and 2, 2012.

Thanks Smart Canucks for the Heads Up!



Best tips and advice I have about the event include:

  1. Find the biggest store in your city/town and head there early with your list.
  2. Watch our match-ups the week before!
  3. Make a PRICE spreadsheet.  Columns you will want to include: SHELF PRICE (you can go in early to get this information before the event) /  x 1.13 (on taxable items ONLY) /  Coupon Value / FINAL TOTAL ($).  The Final Total will be the value on the shelf x 1.13 (if taxable item) MINUS the coupon value. You will then add this column up to get yourself to your bonus level.
  4. Reminder that taxes are not on food related items, so best to stock up on these things 🙂
  5. To read more about Shoppers Bonus Points – read here
  6. You are only allowed up to 2 bonus redemptions PER SDM card
  7. And the 95,000 points level will get you $250 worth of FREE stuff (this point level is typically only $170 worth of stuff ~ so amazing time to score BIG)!


* I will be sharing more tips as the days approach …  53 DAYS 14 HOURS 54 MINUTES  .. but who is counting 😉

5 thoughts on “The Holiday Shoppers Drug Mart Mega Redemption Event of the YEAR and Coupon Christine’s Tips

    • christine Post author

      You could ask your local store you shop at that carries it if they would hold one for you. I am not sure if they would for the redemption because they may say it is first come first serve, which would mean going there early the night before and having it in your cart and hanging around WM till midnight (if it is a 24 hour store) OR showing up at the crack of dawn and lining up

  1. Ashley

    Actually your allowed 2 bonus redemptions per card PER DAY. It’s usually a 2 day event so you can do 2 redemptions each day. =)

  2. Heather

    Do they increase the smaller points value dollars or just the 95000 points level? I am not sure I will make it to 95000 without another 20x points event….

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