The Comfy Coupon Couch ~ The Giving Back Lounge: A Place to Donate Unwanted Coupons to Others ~ the pilot


trading loungeTHE COMFY COUPON COUCH ~ The Giving Back Lounge … the pilot

I am frequently messaged by people asking for coupons as well as wanting to donate coupons to others in need.  I often have the same response which is if you have excess, why not leave them on the products in the stores, or better yet, connect with a coupon group and run a coupon train or run a Random Act of Coupon Kindness (RACK).

But some of us just don’t have time to devote to that ~ so this is my solution:

Introducing the COMFY COUPON COUCH.  A place to DONATE those unwanted coupons to deserving friends of as well as a place to ask for those hard to find coupons or maybe coupons that someone has a lot of that they want to donate to you because they don’t use that product.

In the comments below this post ….. 

a) Post your name and perhaps first initial of your last name.

b) post what coupons you are in need of (be as descriptive as you can – ex. I need milk coupons .. is there a brand you want? or perhaps you need coupons for lactose free?)

giving backc) post your email address or if you have an OPEN Facebook account that isn’t restricted for strangers to personal msg you, add a hyperlink to your FB page. This will be how people contact you, so be sure to check your email and your FB OTHER inbox for msgs from kind strangers willing to help.

d) ALSO! If you have coupons you want to see go to a deserving person, you can also post below if you HAVE coupons to give away or donate to someone else (ex. Ensure cheques, formula coupons, diaper coupons).  Leave your information as well so people can contact you.

e) If you have a bunch of coupons you want to donate to someone new, post this as well. If you want to start a train, you can also post that you are interested in that 🙂

Let’s see how this goes and perhaps it will take off such that I create a COMFY COUPON COUCH Lounge for this program


15 thoughts on “The Comfy Coupon Couch ~ The Giving Back Lounge: A Place to Donate Unwanted Coupons to Others ~ the pilot

  1. Trina Goodwin

    Hi i am looking for advil nightime , bread , milk , laundry Soap liquid only( any kind), fabric softener(any kind) . tampax tampons , pads (any kind) .dog food gluten free,dog treats , k-cups , pop orange , or sprite . really any coupons i can make good use of them …or pass them to a friend , i will take any that i can get , i love my coupons , i use them daily , thanks so much my address is
    Trina Goodwin

    • natalie

      I have a bunch of sept 30 $3 advil nighttime. I received them from the health fairy, but wasn`t expecting that many. If you can use these, I can ship them out today.

  2. KEndall

    I am happy to start a coupon train. Not sure how to do this, but I get the jist of it. I package up my coupons and mail them to another person?

    I have tonnes to donate. I find the RACK idea great, but extremely time consuming while at the grocery store.

    My question is: if I start the train, how do I ever get any coupons back? Or perhaps I don’t? Not sure.

  3. Marilyn McHaffie

    The Welland Furry Friends Food Bank operates a pet food bank as well as a small coupon bank for our 430 clients. We would appreciate donations of coupons for any type of product. Although our organization is a pet food bank we also focus on other areas of poverty through our coupon bank and referrals to agencies for help. Please contact us if you have coupons to donate.

  4. Teresa Rattray

    Im always looking for glutino coupons or cheecha puffs or popchip coupons,fruit cups or juice boxes daughter is gf

    I have 1 2.00 boost and also 2.00 x 5 ensure I would donate as well.

    • Karlene

      I would love the ensure cheques. I have many people in my life who drink these regularly. Either cheques or coupons are good. Thanks

      Karlene Ponce
      15 Hillbrook cres
      Kitchener, Ontario
      N2N 1J4

  5. Callie Dyment

    I have a bunch of coupons that are valid in Calgary only, if someone lives in Calgary.. my husband and I went to the stampede and we received a bunch of coupons on our last day, so we were unable to use them. Below is a list of the coupons, if anyone is interested from Calgary..
    -Free kid’s meal at Smitty’s
    -$5 off at Pizza 73
    -bogo New York Fries (have two of these)
    -bogo South St Burger (have two of these)
    -$20 off at the RNR Wellness Spa
    -Montantas coupons (free starter, free kids meal, free dessert)
    -discount coupons for Calgary attractions (area space museum, fort Calgary, calaway park, glenbow museum, heritage park, Calgary zoo, etc etc)


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