The Canadian Coupon Allstars Team ~ Who we are and what we do!

Coupon Allstars PictureWho is the Coupon Allstars Canada Team? 

We are a group of Canadian Coupon Saving Bloggers that post on our individual province-based websites (see below for links) to give you the deals, coupon offers and freebies that are local, that ONLY apply to YOU and your province where you live, provide you with event listings, fun things to do in your city/province, what coupons to keep an eye out for in your city/province + SO much more!  To see all our websites and find YOUR province, click on the STARS on THIS MAP

Why not just one Coupon site? 

One site would be confusing.  Those in ON will wonder what stacking coupons is, those in BC will wonder why they cannot find the same prices and deals in their flyers, those in AB will wonder why the Websaver link to get a free loaf of bread isn’t working, and those in NB will wonder what a Metro/Food Basics is.

Having a specialized blogger for each province not only is beneficial for the readers trying to streamline and manage their time more efficiently as a couponer not having to weed through what coupons/offers/deals applies to them, so you KNOW that if you go to the province that is set up for you, that that deal and that offer will apply to you!  Don’t be dissapointed or spend wasteful time sifting through offers to only find out it isn’t offered in your area again.

We build special relationships with our local stores AND we are buidiling stronger relationships with our local fans on our individual Facebook fan pages and websites, you can ask us direct questions about our provinces and we can answer them quickly and with knowledge.

Individually, we know our provinces/our cities/towns the best, we live and breathe how to coupon the best in our own province.  The knowledge someone from BC and AB have about stacking is going to be far superior to what I can provide and answer for you on my ON page.

Some benefits of being a fan on all pages include:

You get to see what other tear pads are out there, perhaps do some trading in some of their local groups because you saw a coupon out that NB or AB talked about on their site and you want to find someone in those provinces to trade with.

You get a more focused site that you know is all about coupons/freebies/offers/deals that apply to you

We also proud ourselves on not posting just contests all day.  We share the big contests that are offered by some companies we respect and have reached out to us to help promote once and a while, but we do not use you as referrals to win contest ourselves.

Less confusing! Less fuss! And overall our fan pages are just a nice place to visit.  Lots of activity, lots of friendly people and our fans really are the best!

The biggest benefit is that each blogger on the team brings a different feel to each of their websites:


** Tina from NBCouponClipper loves contests and is super generous to her fans.  She comes from a small town of non-couponers and with strong relationships in the stores, is handed coupons by store managers and friends.  She is a stay at home mom that visits stores often and finds some really great clearance deals and reports them on her site. You can LIKE and follow her fan page HERE


** Denise from BritishColumbiaCoupons shares freebies, contests and rare coupon finds all day long.  She also reports on Thrifty Food sales and does a very thorough Coupon Flyer Match-up report for BC.  You can LIKE and follow her fan page HERE


** Marie-Anne from ABCouponers makes things easy for her readers: she reports when something is on sale, which coupons to use and how to save TONS of cash.  She also loves to write and will be sharing some great frugal tips in the coming weeks that help save money even without a coupon! You can LIKE and follow her fan page HERE


** Christine and Lily from CouponChristine is the Ontario bloggers.  We post freebies, new coupons, sneak peeks, flyer match-ups for ONT and best price list every week.  We tell you about the best deals to stock up for the coming weeks and we love to write and  post about how to save money.   You can LIKE and follow their fan page HERE


Crystal from NovaScotiaSaver is another east coast blogger.  She has a wealth of information to share and just started her site in September 2013.  More details to come soon on her site


Marie-Anne is our Alberta blogger with ABCouponers – she shares TONS of great tips on how to stack coupons, what local deals can be found in AB and how to save tons of cash without the use of coupons.


We are building a Coupon Community for your Region

It truly is all about building a community on our individual provincially based Facebook fan pages and websites.  We have tailored our sites to match the needs of those who live around us and share the same shopping stores.  Community is extremely important for all of us as you have seen on all our pages.  We not only take great pride in sharing deals, freebies and coupons from all the best sites in Canada, but we also pride ourselves in being your go-to if you have any questions related to couponing in your city/town/province.

Our focus is on YOU SAVING MONEY, and making sure the information you receive is the most accurate.  Thank you for being a part of the Allstars Coupon Team!

Interested in Joining the Allstar Team?

We are looking for bloggers in PEI, Quebec, Saskatchewan and NWT – if you like to write, have a knack for finding deals and offers, and have some time to share your coupon wisdom with others: we want you!  Get yourself a FREE BLOG and make some spending $$ too – email me at or use the CONTACT ME link



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