Thank you’s! Sharing the information is what I LOVE!

I have recently received a ton of emails/pm’s and thank yous on my wall from people ‘thanking me’ for letting them know about deals ahead of time.  They have said that by having the information about the deal has allowed them to benefit from the deal and risk shelf clearing by the time the deal is over.  They also mentioned that couponing has shown a steady increase towards greed and selfishness and they appreciate the time I take every day to make my blog about caring and sharing of information 🙂

I just want to tell those who emailed me, I sincerely appreciate those kind words of thanks … couponing is about sharing information and that is what I continue to do here, on my Monday morning show on BX93 as well as in my coupon trading group 🙂

THANK YOU for Thanking ME!


Coupon Christine, Coups … CC 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thank you’s! Sharing the information is what I LOVE!

  1. Kodi Becker

    It’s true!! WE LOVE YOU CC! You good be greedy and post all the deals after you have gone out and got your share, but instead you share it all well in advance so everyone has a chance to get it on it :D, that’s why we love ya!


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