Target Misses the Mark: Global TV does an inside investigation on Price Comparison

target1What do you think about these findings?

I am not surprised actually, maybe in time Target will find a better way to check competition pricing??

What do you think of this investigation?  Worried?  Personally, I never walk into a store and buy non-sale items… I will be checking my Target flyer and only buying with the “Sale” works for my budget and what I know is the lowest prices

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3 thoughts on “Target Misses the Mark: Global TV does an inside investigation on Price Comparison

  1. cathy

    As they said – these “PILOT” stores opened early and the GRAND OPENINGS will be in April (along with many others). These stores were opened early just for all this feedback, Target now has time to correct anything they can prior to more openings. This is a competition for retail dollars and the flyers will be where this competition is played. For all of us Couponers we already know Smartsource is printing for Target come April. Brilliant! Will they price match? I really think they will! Pay me to bring my own shopping bags, awesome. When I saw the price for the Tylenol, I automatically did the cpn math on a sale price, and thought – not bad. I can’t wiat for London Target Westmount!

    • cathy

      One last perk I forgot to mention, automatic 5% discount with Target DEBIT (not charge.) card, I have mine. The Debit Card is attached to your existing bank debit card. Opening day I will get paid to bring my own bags, get 5% off with my debit card, use many cpns I am sure and enjoy a new store. I am glad Global did this report, The Competition Has Begone!


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