target couponsHave you visited your local Targets Customer Service Desk?  I strongly encourage you to go check it out!  REMINDER you can stack ALL these coupons with your manufacturer coupons 🙂  And don’t forget WALMART sees these as competition ~ so don’t forget to use them there too!

The baby coupons MAY be found at pharmacy as well.

Our amazing friend who works at Target sent me this amazing list of FREE COUPONS they are giving out at customer service (thanks S).  THREE BOOKLETS to GRAB – FULL of coupons!

Grocery Coupon Booklet:

$1 off dempsters white bread or whole wheat
$1 off dempsters hot dog buns or hamburger buns
$1 off dempsters tortillas
$1 off olivieri pasta or sauce
$1 off schneiders country natural burgers
$1 off schneiders country naturals wieners or grill ’ems
$1 off mini-wheats raspberry
$1 off special k cereal bars or granola bars
$1 off nutri-grain cereal bars or soft bakes
$1 off pepperidge farm goldfish crackers
$1 off campbells ready to use broth
$1 off campbells ready to serve souptarget coupons2
$1 off iogo nano products, or zip products, or 8 pack 60g cups
$1 off iogo 8 pack 100g cups greko or probio products
$1 off any iogo product
50 cents off crystal light liquid drink mix, or mio water enhancer or kool aid jammers.

Now for the Back to School booklet:
50 cents off 8 ct papermate inkjoy 300 rt pens
75 cents off 3pk scotch magic tape
$1.50 off 5pk post it brand notes in jewel pop colours
$2 off up&up notebook
10% off kid made modern arts and crafts items
25% off 8 ct crayola crayons
$2 off 2 dove deodorants
$1.50 off 1 ct venus embrace razor with single cartridge
$2 off 2 dove hair care products
$2 off 2 off clean and clear facial skin care
$1 off band aids
$1 off up & up childrens vitamins
$1 off 3pk or larger kleenex tissue
$1 off 400 ct bounty napkins
$1 off brita water filtration item
$1 off rubbermaid water bottle
$1.50 off rubbermaid lunch blox
$4 with coupon when you purchase 2 50 ct ziploc goldfish designed snack or sandwich bags
$7 with coupon when you purchase 2 ziplock food storage containers
50 cents off mr christie fruit krisps cookies
50 cents off belvita breakfast biscuts
50 cents off 10pk archer farms organic fruit strips
50 cents off general mills cereal
50 cents off cracker barrel natural cheese
50 cents off 1kg market pantry peanut butter
$1 off hellmann’s mayonnaise
$1.50 off schniders lunchmates + fruit or natural selections sliced meat
$3 off marvel legends iron man figure
$3 off my little pony princess pack
25% off disney planes toy
25% off barbie can i be play set
25% off hot wheels wall tracks play set

Baby Catalogue: 
$1 off huggies baby wipes
$2 off huggies diapers
$3 off huggies training pants
$2 off pampers diapers
$2.50 off when you buy pampers diapers and baby wipes
$3 off pampers training pants
$1 off up & up baby item
$1 off 6 or 9 pk up & up baby wipes
$1 off when you buy 2 gerber baby cereals or gerber graduates
$3 off playtex premium nurser getting started set
$10 off playtex diaper genie elite
$5 off sunbeam item
$10 off munchkin deco baby gate
$1 off infants pain relief item
$1 off 24mL up and up infants acetaminophen item
$1 off johnsons baby item
$1 off aveeno baby toiletry item
$1 off 444 ml up and up baby toiletry item
$1 off 32 load ivory snow liquid laundry detergent
25% off fisher price snugamonkey toy
$10 off playskool elefun busy ball popper
$3 off playskool glow worm toy
25% off disney baby item
20% off circo infant item (bedding/apparel)


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