Target: A fan review ~ Welcoming our New Friends from Target

targetLots of reviews online about the introduction of Targets to Canada, some positive a lot seem to be negative.  A wonderful fan sent me her review that I had to share – keeping an open mind about our new friends in town.

My very first trip to Target…… by Jenn M.

I’ve been reading reviews from fellow shoppers who have been curious and excited about the most recent addition to our great city….TARGET!!!! A store that for many of us has been “that” store that people talk about that is so AMAZING in the states and is so worth the trip across the border.  I was nervous and the wind had been taken out of my Target Sail but I tied up those boot strings and myself and my bestie went on a venture.  Well all I can say is WOW!!!

We started with a nice surprise….Starbucks! How fun is that…now I can grab a coffee or treat and start wandering around!  As we wandered we got very excited at the home decor….Nate Berkus!  How great is that! Something you wont find in any other store! The Circo line for kids decor was great! The best part is how inexpensive it was!

We found ourselves in the middle of the store with the escalators…..for CARTS! I have to say this was pretty exciting.  From watching everyone else we certainty weren’t the only ones amazed by this great idea! This frees up elevators for wheelchairs and strollers….GREAT idea!!!

The baby section was quite exciting.  Deals were to be had everywhere! We found a exersaucer that is at other stores in London for a minimum of $75-$95..well here is was priced less at $59.99.

I can’t write this without including that the staff was fantastic! Yeah sure it’s their first week, but they were great.  Friendly, helpful and were more than willing to point out the toy section to my God-son!  Who also noticed the “help centres”? Every few feet there was a Red station that had a phone, a garbage can, a price checker, a map of the store, and a button you can press if you need assistance! Fantastic Idea! Yes we tested it and they were there to help us within 30 seconds!

I think there are quite a few things we need to keep in mind with our newest store addition.

a) This is Target CANADA.  So I think it can be understandable that a lot of the fun new products that some of us might be used to seeing in the US Targets wont be found here.  There is a reason they are fun and new to us….because we can’t get them here.  But lets give them time, it was a soft opening and perhaps product just needs time to work its way into the stores

b) We have this small thing that we all LOVE….called TAX.  13% adds up compared to the less then 5% they pay across the border in some states.

c) They are BRAND NEW!!!!!  Lets be thankful that we have another store to peruse and find GREAT deals!! Sure as time goes on they will have great sales and I am confident that we will start seeing some fun new products as well!

Myself and partner in crime had a blast! We wondered around and even did some shopping.  Sure some things were priced slightly higher than what we would pay for but overall I would say they will have a great future here if we all can keep an open mind and just give them a chance.

So in summary I would say that my first Target experience was amazing and I can’t wait to go back….Tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “Target: A fan review ~ Welcoming our New Friends from Target

  1. Katrina

    I agree wholeheartedly with the above. I ventured out this weekend as well. While the stock was limited, you could get an idea of what styles and items were to come. There were some things that were priced in the range that I wouldn’t purchase – $90.00 for a duvet set, but most things I found pretty reasonable – Hanes socks – 10 pair for $10.00. Let’s give them a bit of time to get settled. I think once things get rockin’ and rollin’, it’s going to be a fantastic option.

  2. Sue

    I was so excited to see that Target was finally opening. But I have to say I was very disappointed with the store. Yes the staff are friendly and eager to help but product on shelves was sparse in many cases. There’s no running shoes or full figured section. Where do you expect us larger people to shop for clothes??? Yep I’m going back to Walmart. I found no or little difference in prices and some things I found to be more expensive. But I am willing to check out their flyer and take another look at the store in about a month and see if things have gotten better. Sorry Target but you just didn’t impress they way many of us thought you would.

  3. cathy

    Great report Jenn M.! Target does know what they are doing, and the soft openings are & were done with intent. When the Grand Openings with sales and flyers occur, won’t it be nice, you already know your way around the stores! Make sure you have your 5% off always DEBIT card.

    I must say this little perk was very nice to see, where you pick up your cart there are fresh wipes to wipe down the handles of the carts! As couponers we are driven by the flyers, face it if Target has the best deal and or price matches it, we all will be there coupons & flyers in hand! Variety is good for the consumer. I have enjoyed all 3 of my visits to Target and can not wait for the flyers.

  4. Anna

    Visited Target this weekend. Loved it. Yes some things were higher priced than I would normally pay but it was great to think “oh so THIS is where I can come when I need THAT” because they had stuff that I haven’t seen anywhere else, or a better selection at decent prices.

    I will definitely go back, but it wouldn’t be the FIRST place I would go shopping, except for clothes because they have a great selection at good prices and quality.

  5. Elliott

    You are certainly trying to find a rationale for Target Canada but really your points sound more like poor exucses or like we should have compassion for an injured person. They are a company and I shop for me not for them…. No offence meant to the writer… Just an opinion based on facts.. I visited the new store at UCM in Newmarket and was really very disappointed..Some people might say we should expect Canadian prices, or that the prices just “look” higher because of tax differences, or we should give them some time or be sympathetic somehow, but then really what is the point in them coming to Canada with nothing to offer that’s new or different? I can still drive to Buffalo and shop at Target there for the things Target is known for and all around me here at home there are stores that have already carved out their niche market.. If Target doesn’t bring their business model to Canada then there is no reason for them to be here.. On top of that they opened with no door crashers, opening deals, flyers, no clear policy on price matching, and uncompetitive prices that offer no reason to shop why are they here? Hopefully they will have some sort of Fall/Christmas season marketing plan to create price wars or exclusivity, otherwise there is no point in shopping at Target Canada vs Target US or Walmart, Hudson Bay, etc…My money and already limited time is better spent where it has more value…A grand opening is meaningless weeks or months after you open since as you can see from the multitudes of feedback all over the internet, dissapointment is rampant. First impressions decide if people will come back… It’s harder to win back a customer than it is to impress them out of the gate which Target did not do.. Simple marketing psychology…

    • Laura Brunton

      I wholeheartedly disagree Elliott (cordially of course). I appreciate the soft-openings for what it is – a test run – I think that they would lose money to have all the stock that they do have just sitting around waiting for the rest to come in – so people will buy what they have, get to experience their brand and begin to explore their stores. Also it gives the employees the chance to get up and running with the new procedures/working for a new company before the pandemonium of a huge blowout sale/opening as some might have been expecting. On that theme of staff – aren’t they still employing canadians here as opposed to americans – I’m also happy to see them working now rather than waiting until the full stock was here. I will probably continue to shop the sales wherever they are the best but Target is definitely in the mix. I too will likely stop at Target in the US when I am there just to see if there are somethings we don’t get in Canada but I like having the option 🙂 Finally – the more competition that we can have to drive prices down and wages/benefits up for workers the better 🙂 I say “Thanks for coming to Canada”

  6. susan

    I wasn’t disapointed when I went last week but wasn’t super excited either. We will have to wait and see once they get flyers and hopefully target coupons and hopefully allow stacking with manufacturer coupons, where I think we will see great deal is in their clearance sections. waiting hopefully for better things to come!

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