“Sub of the Day” COMING BACK to Subway’s in London and Area starting March 15, 2013

Sub of Day

*Guess what is coming back to LONDON ONTARIO and AREA SUBWAY LOCATIONS???

You guessed it …. NEW and IMPROVED Sub of the Day Menu!

  • MONDAY: Steak and Cheese
  • WEDNESDAY: Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
  • FRIDAY: Turkey Breast
  • SATURDAY: Subway Club
  • SUNDAY: Chicken and Bacon Ranch

It has been leaked that starting March 15, 2013, London and Area stores will for sure be implementing a NEW SUB of the DAY promotion.  Included in this promo is the BBQ Rib  and Chicken Bacon!

Here are the subs that will be part of the Sub of The Day promo! $7 for a footlong and $4 for a 6 inch sub.

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14 thoughts on ““Sub of the Day” COMING BACK to Subway’s in London and Area starting March 15, 2013

  1. Sasha

    Not sure if this is for the States. In Canada this promotion isn’t new, been around for probably going on 2 years now. I saw another site claiming it’s new, where did you get that info? I’ve been ordering these on these days at these prices for as I mentioned probably going on two years, so not sure where everyone has been lol.

  2. christine Post author

    Sasha – this deal started in Toronto a lot earlier yes, but in the South Western Ontario region it has been going on for less than 2 months. Toronto has been getting some success, so they decided to add it to other regions. Hope that helps .. I got this information for a Subway owner in the South Western region

    • christine Post author

      Thanks Amanda, since all Ontario stores are individually owned, I think from one store to the next, they will have different rules. But that being said, Subway is a great place to eat and I am surprised they would ‘punish you’ for eating more healthy AND not needing a bun (which cuts down on costs!)


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