Stress Free Christmas and Couponing

In years gone by around the early part of December I am in panic mode, trying to decide what to get my grandparents, last minute gifts for my daughters day care providers and what to get for those stockings.

But couponing has TRULY changed this anxious/panic way of thinking.

With the items I have accumulated extra of this year, I always have a  gift to give out.  For example, gift baskets done up in dollar store baskets with clear wrap and a large bow (also sold at dollar stores) with toiletries and candies, soaps and samples I won’t be using make a fun and practical gift idea.

I also started earlier this year, watching for deals like the Barbies that went on sale for $8 minus a coupon making them a great gift to stock up on and also buy a few extra for toy drives.  You still have TONS of time to shop online and save right now as well.  Watch for extra savings.

My personal family has experienced some tragic loses over the last few years.  At gift exchange time, we decided instead of giving eachother gifts that we just truly do not need, but were forced to make a list (wink), we decided to donate on our families behalf to various organizations that have touched our lives (Meals on Wheels, London; The Arthritis Society; Bereaved Families of Ontario-Southwest Region; Alzheimers Society).  This gift keeps on giving and makes everyone remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

The image is from a great blog post titled “How to Avoid Christmas Stress“, written by Intentions by Grace.  Love the theme of their article.  Who DOESN’T want to sit back on December 25th and enjoy an extra cup of coffee that morning and take in all the magic and love of the season 🙂

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