Spring Clean + Getting Ready to Move: My “Keep, Throw Away, Donate and ??” Organizing and Decluttering System

pile1Is it best to toss and donate or just hide things away in totes and bins till we move?

A bit of both is on the agenda as I gear up for a very long few weeks of decluttering, organizing and getting ready to MOVE to a new home.

I am pretty excited mostly because when we moved from our one bedroom appartment to a 3 bedroom home over 8 years ago, we not only gained a ton of space, but as we were planning our move, we got rid of a ton of things we weren’t ever going to use by either tossing it or donating it and also organized in the process.  8 years ago, I could tell you where ALL the batteries, extra pens and my old cd’s were … now, not so much.  So its that time again to get organized for our next big step.

Where will it all go?

I have “centres” in my home ready to go for the big MOVE:

THE KEEP CENTRE: an area in my basement will be designated the KEEP area, this will be for things we are moving to the new home (ex. crib, exercise bike, outdoor furniture

THE THROW AWAY CENTRE: an area in my garage will be designated put out to the curb for garbage or perhaps put on the street with a “FREE” sign.

THE DONATE CENTRE: another area in my basement designated the DONATE area which will flow weekly from basement to the back of my truck to transport to various drop-off donation spots.

THE ??? CENTRE: a small area in my basement that will be set up for the “I am not sure yet, going to sleep on what to do with it”.  This may be for things perhaps I want to get rid of that has no sentimental value to me, but perhaps I need to run it by my husband.  Or maybe I am not sure if something will fit in the new house yet.

Makes me excited, but also tired just thinking about it!  This weekends project is to get my daughters clothes neatly tucked away into storage in bins. GREAT DEAL (April 5 – April 11 at Canadian Tire Ontario) – 2 x 72L TOTES for $9.99! Twin Pack

Any tips for organizing before a move? Any tips for how to declutter to sell a home?


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