Shopping in Clearance with Trina

I want to thank Trina for sharing her shopping trip with all of us here, she was shopping in London at RCSS at Oxford and Gammage and wanted me to share this so you all can bring your binders and go on the hunt for some awesome deals!

SAMSUNGTrina visited the 50% off rack at RCSS (Oxford and Gammage/London, ON).  Here are the deals she found:
  • Lysol hand soap was 19.94 for 2 THAN 50% off = $9.98.  I had both of my Smartsource printable $5 off coupons with me, so FREE!
  • The aveeno was $11.88 for 2 THAN 50% off = $5.94.  I had 2 x $3 mail outs from the company. = FREE
  • Herbal Essences $4.94 for 2 THAN 50% off = $2.48.  I had 2 coupons for $2 off that a coupon lady gave me at Walmart one day 🙂  = FREE
  • The razor was $8.99 than 50% off = $4.50  I had a $2 off coupon from superstore tear pad i got a few weeks ago. = $2.50 out of pocket
  • I price matched the Toilet Duck from Canadian Tire and used the $2 off from Websaver = FREE

My total bill wa $2.50 + the tax ….

If anyone is in the London area they should stop by and take coupons with them! Lots of hair dye, shampoo, dry shampoo etc

Happy Clearance Shopping!

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