Shopping Challenge Winners Announced

Over the course of the last 2 months, the 3 contestants in the shopping challenge shopped till they dropped.

Saving TONS of cash using coupons .. the challenge was to only spend $20 out of pocket .. get the MOST amount of products they could using coupons with some pretty tight rules.

If you would like to see all the shops, visit this link here and have a peek.  All the rules and regulations are posted here.

The winner of the $50 cash card was Kathy with an average savings of 75% across all 4 shops.

The other two contestants, Natasha and Stefanie, who also participated did such a great job that I have decided to award those two ladies as well with a BONUS $25 cash card as well.

Happy Holidays and I hope these shops have inspired you to save even more too!


5 thoughts on “Shopping Challenge Winners Announced

  1. Rebecca

    Very cool! I’ve been looking at the shops they’ve done and they’re amazing 🙂 I wish the contest was open for all locations next time so I could participate 🙂 We have a weekly food budget for our family of $30 a week so I loved seeing this contest and how much they could get

  2. kris

    just wondering why you announced a winner but didnt show the winning shops? seems odd! usually you get to see what deserved to win. can you please respond?


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