Shoppers Optimum Update.Now load your offers online!

shoppers-drug-martNew Shoppers Drug mart perk for Optimum users. Just log into your Optimum account and choose your offers ( why not choose them all?).

Just Load them and Love them.

Go here and load up!


For the SDM coupon policy information CLICK HERE.  This is something really great to keep in your binders!


3 thoughts on “Shoppers Optimum Update.Now load your offers online!

  1. Barbara

    Shoppers Optimum card is great except that every time you want to load you have to pull out your card and type in the number. I won’t let my computer remember the number…very annoying. Also because it is only certain days of the week, it ends up that I just don’t bother shopping there because I have to drive to another town to go to a Shoppers. Inevitably I am going on Tuesday and my deals are for Mon or Wed…so for me the optimum card is more frustrating that helpful. I usually just say, no matter I: earn points with PC Plus I’ll just shop at Loblaw’s!


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