Shopper’s Drug Mart “Spend your points event”

  Well after much speculation, looks like there will not be a mega redemption 🙁 Shopper’s is calling it a “Spend your points event” with levels much lower than last year.  3 tiers is as follows:

  • Spend 38,000 points and get $70 off
  • Spend 50,000 points and get $105 off
  • Spend 95,000 points and get $210 off

Keep your eyes peeled for the flyer preview to surface in the next couple of days so you can plan your shopping trip!

4 thoughts on “Shopper’s Drug Mart “Spend your points event”

  1. Jessica Llewellyn

    I was talking to someone at Shopper’s Drug Mart and she said that the mega redemption was a go, but because it was leaked, they felt it wasn’t fair to them since people were going out and stacking up the points in preparation. It was literally pulled last week.

  2. susan

    Well I can see shoppers side to a point, however it is not like the prices they charge for items aren’t outrageous compared to other stores. for example the CLR bathroom cleaner is about $4 more than I can buy elsewhere. They don’t usually have very many deals the week of the bonus redemptions so really if you could spend the $250 at another store you would get a lot more things. I always assumed that the crazy prices were to help pay for optimum program, you pay more for things but you also get rewarded for it. There have been a lot of instances lately where they lead you to believe or advertise one thing only to change the deal partway through or change at the last minute. Very disapointing to loyal customers who have purchased alot throughout the year to be able to take advantage of the mega bonus event.


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