Shoppers Drug Mart is alerting us all to a PHONE SCAM ~ READ and SHARE

PHONE SCAM SDMFraudulent Contest / Phone Scam

August 15, 2013

Shoppers Drug Mart is warning customers of a fraudulent contest and phone scam. Several people have received an automated phone call claiming that you won a vacation from Shoppers Drug Mart. It then asks if you agree or disagree. If you select agree, you are transferred to a live caller who will ask for your credit card information to hold your hotel room. This is fraudulent and not authorized by Shoppers Drug Mart, nor is this a Shoppers Drug Mart contest.

Shoppers Drug Mart would never ask for your credit card information over the phone. If you have concerns regarding your personal information, call your credit card provider immediately. Shoppers Drug Mart is currently investigating this fraudulent activity and the authorities are involved.\


One thought on “Shoppers Drug Mart is alerting us all to a PHONE SCAM ~ READ and SHARE

  1. Maggi Vantvoort

    I have called your company twice within the last week about this situation. Today I called again, asking how did someone know my phone number and that I have an Optimum card?? The poor lady answering the phone had no answers for my angry questions…she is just was doing her job. The # that my call came from yesterday was 519 439 9894


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