Shoppers Drug Mart Coupon Flyer Match-ups + Checkout51 Deal!

shoppers1Here are the Shoppers Drug Mart Coupon Flyer Match-ups


CHECKOUT51 offer of Peek Freans~ buy a box at sdm for $1.99 minus $1 Checkout51 REBATE = .99 total!

*** Shoppers Drug Mart Match-ups Feb. 15 – 21, 2013

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3 thoughts on “Shoppers Drug Mart Coupon Flyer Match-ups + Checkout51 Deal!

  1. Susan

    I didn’t see this on your match up list. But you group Price Chopper and FreshCo together and they are not always the same flyer.

    FreshCo has Sealtest milk 4L for 3.77 – cheaper than Food Basics

  2. lily

    Hi Susan,
    It is cheaper, but when we do match ups, we list with a coupon and since there is no coupon for Sealtest milk , it wasn’t listed. Food Basics has Lactantia on Sale 3.88 for 4L, but when used with the $1 off coupon, it’s $2.88 so that’s why it was included. Hope this makes sense! 🙂

  3. Mel

    For those of you who got Huggies Wipes on your checkout 51 this week (apparently not everyone got it) they are on sale at Shoppers for 2.99 and you get back 3.00 for them. The Vim was 1.88 and you get 1.00 back. Shoppers sells Neilsons milk which is what Checkout 51 has this week. 4.09 less 1.00.
    The Glade scented oil refills are on for 7.98 less 5.00 rebate. It was worthwhile to get these items at Shoppers cause by the time I picked up all the other sale items that I wanted I spent 75.00 and got a 20.00 gas card and a fuel savings card for .5 cents on 50 litres. Had to get gas anyways!!


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