Shopper’s BONUS Optimum Points **TODAY** Only!

shopper's  Today ONLY, when you spend $75 or more on almost anything at Shoppers, you’ll get 18,500 bonus points awarded to your Optimum account.  CLICK HERE to print your coupon.  Points will be added to your account by end of day on February 19.

3 thoughts on “Shopper’s BONUS Optimum Points **TODAY** Only!

  1. Coco

    Just a quick question! If I split my $150 purchase in two and print out two coupons would I get 37000 points? The coupon says 18500 points per offer but doesn’t seem to specify number of purchases.
    Any one have experience with this? Thanks in advance!

    • christine

      Typically, the SDM I shop at has had no problem like that in the past doing that for me. You may want to ask ahead of time … each SDM is controlled and run by different people (individually operated), so it is hard to say what they will say to you

    • cathy

      The coupon does not say one offer only per customer, so the two transactions with a coupon each should be fine. I just got back and actually got 21,250 pts OOP $67.43 inc. tax all great deals!


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