Savings Tip of the Week: Discounts on Slightly ‘Beat-Up’ Goods?

Savings Tip of the Week

Have you been shopping in a store and saw the most perfect toy for your child or the best picture frame for the front hall, or found a dress that looks AMAZING on you. …. BUT the box the toy is a bit dented in or there is a chip in the corner of the frame or there is a tear near the zipper of the dress?

WELL!  Have you ever thought about approaching customer service to ask for further discounts on these items? A LOT of stores will knock 25-75% off the price of the item depending on damage, sweet savings!

Your kid is only going to rip through the box anyway and the frame is going to be up high anyway, you can just colour the corner of it with a dark magic marker.  And sewing up a tiny hole will make the dress look MORE stunning on you because your SMILE will be BIGGER since you got a few extra bucks off of it!

A lot of stores will be happy you took something that will have a difficult time selling off their shelves anyway – happy customer AND a happy store! 

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