Saving Money on Produce ~ Globally Local Organic Produce Boxes

global localWhen you stumble upon something good, you just have to share!

I am really excited to share a new relationship with a dynamic group of individuals who pride themselves in providing “organic produce every week at an affordable price”.  So far, these guys have done everything right …. 1) provided me with a few bins to try that have knocked my socks off in terms of quality and quantity 2) excited me with the fact they Spring/Summer boxes only get better with utilizing local farmers in Ontario and 3) said the word COUPON SAVINGS!  ummmm wait … coupon savings .. ON PRODUCE?

Yes you heard me right and here is how you too can get in on the savings in 3 easy steps.

GLOBALLY LOCAL!  Serving London, Strathroy, Mt. Brydges and neighbouring areas … Expansion is on its way WEST so look out Windsor, Sarnia and Chatham/Kent!  Toronto too!  They are looking after you soon!

1) Sign up using my personalized link set up just for my friends ~ ahem ~ YOU!

2) On Sunday, they will be sending all their new friends who signed up using my link a $10 off coupon to use on their first box … WAIT .. $10 OFF?!?!?! SERIOUSLY?! YES!  Their small boxes are only $20 – how can that be … yep … if you wanted to give them a try .. their small box would be $10!!!!

3) Also on Sunday you will get an email from them that is their weekly circular that details what produce they will have on hand to go into the box.  Simply click the link saying you want to purchase a box that week, use the special code you were just emailed by signing up under my link, – $10 off your first box and VOILA .. FRESH … ORGANIC … YUMMY produce ready for pick up (free) at several London, Mt Brydges and Strathroy locations or delivery (for $4) to London AND ST Thomas on Wednesday OR THursday depending on your selection.

Make sense?  In a nut shell:global local2

* sign up using my special link

* email will be sent to you Sunday if you signed up using my special link with a code to use on check out if you buy a bin that week to try out (which you will, because even for $10 for a small bin of veggies/fruit you TRULY cannot go wrong)!

* 2nd email will be sent later in the day that will be their mass email saying bins are ready to be reserved. Enter in your information + the coupon code you just got from email and VOILA .. $10 off your order!

TIP: Your produce box will be ready for pick up either Wednesday OR Thursday at the depot you specified. If you opt for delivery in London OR St Thomas, use your cell phone number in the order form, they TEXT you when they are 5 minutes away and again when they are in your driveway .. now THAT is AWESOME!

EXTRA TIP: Oh and these guys know how much we love a deal … they also tell you in your weekly circular email every Sunday what they have for sale … they now have boxes of yummy granola for $1.79 that you can add to any order.


* Coupon will only be valid for 2 wks. So if you cannot use it this week, don’t worry, you have another chance and I will remind you to use it!  You can use the $10 off coupon on ANY order valued over $20. If you order the half bin for $20, you can absolutely use the $10 coupon to get your bin for $10 this week.

* There are currently 3 kinds of boxes to choose from … all the details about what is in each bin and the options of fruit to pick if you decide to add more fruit to your order are detailed every Sunday in your weekly email from Globally Local.  When you sign up tonight using this special link, you will get a very thorugh email about their program

* 100% satisfaction guaranteed!  Email or write to them using their contact us on their website no later than 24 hours after you have received your box with any concerns.

* You can pay via mastercard at time of order, EMT OR cash on delivery or pick up!

* Currently, Globlly Local is only offering pick up depots in London, Strathroy, Mt Brydges. Delivery is available to London and St THomas for an additional $4.  Locations of pick up can be found here.  LONDON     



* If you just want to give it a try and not commit to a rental bin ($20 which is 100% refundable if you ever decide to not continue), you can have your items shipped or ready for pick up in a big brown shipping box for .75cents!  It is FREE to transfer fruits/vegs to your own bags/bins if you are picking up from a depot!

* For existing customers, Matt and James assure me we won’t be seeing the end of coupon deals for my fans! They were BLOWN AWAY by the amount of chat and love happening here on my fanpage for finding coupon deals for produce they want to continue to share the love!  STAY TUNED for weekly specials from them!


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