Saving Coupons as PDF’s—can we?

coupon fraud  Lately there has been talk among coupon groups about saving coupons as PDF’s to print as many times as you want, from your own desktop.   People have been requesting other members send them a copy of their saved PDFs so they can also print off as many times as they want

The argument was since you were able to save it, the company must not care right? Wrong.

Printable coupons already have enough problems.  Many stores do not accept them, more and more stores are viewing a photocopy as a fake and not allowing its use (recently happening a lot at Shoppers Drug Mart) and misuse of over photocopying.

Now you can save the coupon and print as many times as you want, where’s the harm in that? Simple answer is this:   Once that coupon is removed from the company website/facebook page, it means the manufacturer has reached their quota for that coupon for that current promotion (and yes, there will be outstanding ones still out there—they account for that).  Perhaps a better one will come out later, but that depends on the company and the activity of the use of that coupon.

So what? Saving that coupon and continuing to print it, or pass it around, is going to cause the company to spend more than they expected, so a new, better coupon may not happen.  Here’s a recent example.  Healthy Essentials used to have a $3 printable for Children’s Tylenol–what a fantastic coupon! PDF’s were saved of that one as well, so when Johnson &Johnson took it down, it was still being circulated.  The result, a new coupon was put up for $1 off.

So what do you think? Albeit the companies who put themselves out there to offer printable coupons to the couponing public, maybe a mistake on their part to offer it, but how do you feel about printables and their overuse?  Do you think printables are being ruined by over photo-copying and will be a method of the past ?

7 thoughts on “Saving Coupons as PDF’s—can we?

  1. LTD

    Yep….the more they are misused, the more the companies are going to do something to eliminate that. Keeps up and either a) coupons will become a thing of the past for that company, or b) ability to print coupons yourself will be eliminated and the only way to get them is via mail or from tear pads or something in the stores.

    And then people wonder why we cashiers are scrutinizing these printed coupons very closely — or stores are limiting or outright refusing to accept them (and then these people go off bitching publicly on social media websites about the horrible customer service they received at such-and-such store, how they were treated like a criminal, etc. This person may NOT be the one that has printed more than one copy of a coupon, however, those that do unfortunately make it difficult for those that morally do the right thing).

  2. Save Big Live Better!

    Great article Christine and Lily! I wish people would understand that if you are getting a coupon in a way that is not EXACTLY the way it is presented by the company, it’s not allowed!
    Using coupons in any way not intended by those releasing it costs the company, and in the end other couponers since it results in lower coupon values AND tighter coupon policies in store:(

    • lily Post author

      Yes exactly. Printables are tough enough already, now PDF’s being circulated?? It’s not right.

  3. Tabi

    Agreed! I don’t even bother with printing coupons any more. I will only do mailouts or I have also been pushing back (nicely) to companies that encourage me to print from their site, I will not bother! People always wreck it for the people who do not abuse!

  4. Kate

    Agree with this completely, and remember much controversy when coupons were used in this fashion (remember Multibionta??). I also don’t really bother with printables. If there is something I really want, perhaps I’ll go after it, but many stores (and it seems to be localized in locations where stores get fed up) are either cautious or saying no.

    Do sites like, with their limited print, not police this for us? I didn’t think you could even make a pdf of their coupons, but maybe some people figured out how.

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