Reminder to add your Guiding stars offer online tonight,and your PC Plus Offers tomorrow!

Fridays be sure to load your PC Plus offers!

 Thursdays be sure to Log in(online) and checkout the latest offer from Guiding stars , gain points with one star, 2 stars and 3 stars every healthy product purchased between January 6th, 2016 to January 14th, 2016 will be added to your PC Plus™ account by January 24th, 2016. 1,000 points offer expires after one use and cannot be used on subsequent transactions. Excludes purchase of tobacco, alcohol products, prescriptions, phone cards, lottery tickets, all non-participating third-party operations and any other products that are provincially regulated. Product availability may vary by store. We are not obligated to award points based on errors or misprints.Eat-More-Guiding-Stars-EN

(Occasionally there are bonus offers added on Thursdays too! )

“Eat more stars earn more points event! ”  Sign up and gain your personal offer of the week.


Use link to follow and do it online







If you are not a member please read below for information.

What is it and how does it work?

PC Plus Points is designed to be your own personalized savings tool.  When you purchase items in participating stores and use your PC Plus Points card you are doing a couple of things. First of all you are collecting points that can eventually be used to get money off of your grocery bill. Second, you are telling the program the kinds of food you buy, so the more you use your card the better suited the offers will be towards you and your family.

Once a week you will get personalized offers sent to you. For example one week might show buying a bag of carrots will give you 400 points, and a watermelon might be worth 600 points, if you purchase both items you have already accumulated 1000 points with is equal to $1.00.

To earn points all you do is at the start of the week you load your offers to your card – you will get notification either by e-mail or by text…whichever option you select. After that you head to a participating store and start shopping. Show your card to the cashier at checkout and your points will automatically be put on.

The interesting and unique side of this program is your offers will not be the same has anybody else’s offers. I find this a nice alternative, as I’m not going to catch myself buying food or items that I know we wont necessary use just to get the points. It’s customized to yours and your familys habits.

Now your personalized offers aren’t the only way you can earn points. There are also instore offers, bonus offers, and flyer offers that you can take advantage of.

So now the big question what are all of these points worth to me?

Well that’s an easy one! Every 1000 points is equal to $1.00. You need to accumulate 20,000 points in order to redeem. So 20,000 points is equal to $20.00 off of your grocery bill! Now for the tricky part. After you have reached and/or passed 20,000 points you can redeem them in increments of 10,000. So for example if you have 37,000 points, you can redeem $30.00 (30,000 points) and still have 7,000 points left in your account.

What can you redeem those points for? Standard exclusions apply: tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, or any products or services prohibited by law or as they determine from time to time. In certain provinces, you will also be prohibited from redeeming your points on prescription medication, over-the-counter medication and milk. Third party retailers, including The Mobile Shop, the cleaners and Wine Shop, are also excluded from the program. Click here to read all their terms of service:

Giftcards CAN be purchased using your PC Plus Points! However by purchasing giftcards you DO NOT accumulate additional points.  PC Plus has also made it easy to give back! You are able to donate your accumulated points to the Presidents Choice Childrens’ Charity!

The program even takes all of this a step further, and provides dinner suggestions and a even a shopping list to help make your life alittle easier!

If you want to get the most out of your dinner suggestions, make sure to update your preferences under My account, preferences and settings, and then set your Meal Preferences. From here you can choose whether you want your preferences based on your shopping habits, whats on sale, or your meal preferences.

You can even use your card at any of the following locations:

Atlantic Superstore, Dominion (Newfoundland and Labrador), Bloor Street Market, Extra Foods, Fortinos, Loblaws, Loblaws City Market, Loblaws Great Food, Provigo, Provigo Le Marché, Real Canadian Superstore, Save Easy, Valu-mart, Your Independent Grocer, and Zehrs

Already a PC Financial cardholder? Sign up for PC Plus program and earn even more points!

If you are already a PC Financial cardholder (so debit or credit card) then your debit or credit card doubles as a PC Plus points card as well. As well, you will continue to earn your regular PC points in ADDITION to the PC Plus points!

So basically that means on top of earning your PC PLUS points, you can still earn your 5 points per dollar with your DEBIT card, or 10 points per dollar with you PC Financial Mastercard.

Different methods of collecting your points!

There are many different ways you can collect your points. The first was mentioned above, by already having the PC Financial Debit or Credit card. If this is your chosen method make sure you visit the website to activate the PC PLUS program. You can do that by visiting here.

The second way to collect the PC PLUS points, is to go right into a participating store and get the good ol’ plastic card. You show this card to the cashier before checkout to get your points.

The third way to collect the PC PLUS points is to get the Keytag, similar to the plastic card this just goes on your keychain.

The fourth way to collect the PC PLUS points is with the mobile App. You can download everything right to your phone. When you are checking out make sure to show the cashier your phone app, some will be able to scan it and others will be able to key in the number manually.

Something to remember…If you have multiple methods, i.e. Key tag AND plastic card, the numbers will be different….do not fear! This is actually a good thing. This way you are actually able to track which card collects which points. Easier to keep track of!

How do I join?PC PLUS

3 easy ways to join and start earning points right away!

  1. By having a PC financial Credit or Debit card

You just enter your PC Finanical Credit or Debit card in here, and then you are all set! It’s really that easy!

  1. By having the PC Plus App

You can download the PC Plus App or email yourself the link here

  1. Walk into your nearest participating store and sign up there!

Click here to find participating stores near you

To redeem your points it’s so easy! All you do is scan your card at the beginning of your transaction, and before you pay let the cashier know you would like to redeem your points! If you don’t’ have the card and are using the mobile app….no problem! Just simply show the bar code on your phone to the cashier at the beginning of the transaction, they will either scan or key in your number!

Seems like a a great program, and definitely the more you use it the more it will work for you!

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5 thoughts on “Reminder to add your Guiding stars offer online tonight,and your PC Plus Offers tomorrow!

  1. Pingback: The Fox 99.9 | Coupon Christine talks reward cards

  2. Cynthia

    Hi Christine
    Have you looked into the privacy policy? Have you read how they can collect personal information about you? What do you think of this? Why is Loblaws Inc (and all of its affiliates) collecting information about pc -plus card holders from personal social media accounts? or other places like store front and store parking lot video surveillance?
    And, did you know that your personal information may be stored and used in other countries around the world with service providers that Loblaws Inc. uses or employs.
    Quote: “Where We Keep Personal Information
    We store, access and use Personal Information in Canada. Unless there is a legal or regulatory requirement to keep such information in Canada, Personal Information may also be stored, accessed, or used outside of Canada. For instance, when we engage a service provider outside of Canada, Personal Information may be stored, accessed or used in any country where the service provider is located, or from which it provides services, including the United States, India, El Salvador, and the Philippines. Where Personal Information is located outside of Canada, it is subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.”
    is this worth the points or savings? makes me wonder.

    • Amy La Loon

      Oh no! Do you mean that somewhere in China someone might know how much I spend each week on Kraft Dinner and Tampons! Oh no! Im going to stop collecting points and saving money right now! Thanks so much, Cynthia.

  3. Stewart

    An update to his article: The Mobile Shop does offer some very rich offers to earn PC Plus Points. Offers are typically between 50,000 and 150,000 points but can exceed this from time to time.
    On top of that, PC Plus Points are redeemable at The Mobile Shop. Imagine getting a brand new iPhone of Samsung S6 for free! With enough points, it’s possible.


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