Redplum *Sneak Peak*

April 4th!




Coupon inserts for different from province to province. Some of these coupons do not have expiry listed.

Buy 2 get  one Free Cesar wet Dog food Ex*July.4,2015

Save $3.00 Cesar dog Food Ex*July.4,2015

SAVE $1.00 on any Becel Margarine(1.5Lbs-2Lbs)

Save $1.00 Lady Speed Stick(45g)

Save $3.00 Lady Speed Stick Clinical Protection

Save $1.50 Colgate Total

Save $1.00 Colgate Mouth Wash

Save $1.00 Colgate 360 Tooth Brushes

Save $1.00 Palmolive Ultra

Save $2.00 on Sunlight Laundry Packs

Free Sunlight Dish Liquid when you buy dish washer tabs

Save $1.00 On Pinesol

Save .75 Clorox Bleach

Save $1.00 Fleecy Dryer sheets

Save $1.00 Fleecy liquid fabric softener

Save $5.00 on Vileda Mop






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