REDPLUM Insert Sneak Peek – March 10, 2012

Here is your sneak peek of the REDPLUM insert due out this weekend

.75 off any 1 lysol all purpose cleaner trigger or dilutable
1.00 off any two lysol toilet bowl cleaner
1.00 off any two lysol products exc. wipes

Save 1.00 off any one VH indian market sauce

2.50 off any 2 VH indian market sauce
3.00 off vileda bee mop
3.00 off vileda fibro contact mop
2.00 off vileda super twist mop
2.00 off vileda oskar broom
3.00 of any two tide or downy
.50 off any tide to go or stain release
.50 off any tide washing machine cleaner
2.00 downy unstopables
1.00 off any nature’s bounty product

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