*Recall* Some Heinz baby food pouches read and share

stage2_baby_food_pouch_spout_apple_strawberry_raspberryHeinz files a voluntary recall on certain pouch baby food.

CFIA) is informing the public that Heinz Canada has conducted a voluntary recall. The products may contain a packaging defect that may allow the entry of spoilage microorganisms.

Health Canada has reviewed the information related to these products and conducted a health risk assessment. Health Canada concluded that the health risk associated with the consumption of these products is very low to remote

Click link to check your pantry for these jars


One thought on “*Recall* Some Heinz baby food pouches read and share

  1. Rachel

    That link is about the pouches, not the jars. I had 2 effected pouches in my cubboard and was happy my little guy is not eating them yet. He is just on the jars for now.


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