Printable Coupons at Superstore??

rcss  Is Superstore going to start offering printable coupons??? Maybe! Thanks to Coupon Christine fan Chantal Aurore who spotted this on Superstore’s website, it looks as though they may start offering printable coupons.  No details yet, and there isn’t any coupons listed, but I’m watching this and will let you know if coupons become available! Thanks Chantal for sharing :)

CLICK HERE to see for yourself!



Coupons are now there! Make sure at the top right, you pick your location then click coupons!


2 thoughts on “Printable Coupons at Superstore??

  1. Dale

    FYI – Your mileage may vary on this – “my” store (Grimsby) has six smartsource coupons listed. There is also an option to sign up for weekly emails and coupons.


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