**POSSIBLE** Free Children’s Tylenol Coming!!!

tylenol  According to the Quebec and Alberta Walmart flyer, Children`s Tylenol will be on sale for $3 starting Friday.  Use the $3 printable coupon and that`s FREE tylenol!! Fingers crossed it`s for Ontario as well!

One thought on “**POSSIBLE** Free Children’s Tylenol Coming!!!

  1. Karen

    Yeah, free Children’s Tylenol! ‘

    I was wondering if we are still required to pay tax on the full amount in Ontario? Sometimes when I purchase items with coupons I have to pay tax on the full amount of the item (in this case on the $3), but other times I do not (making this completely free?). Does it depened on the store, or if the cashier enters the coupon before subtotaling?

    This is something I’ve always wondered.



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