P&G Sampler Pack – mystery where this is from?

P&G Sampler

Trying to find out from you all which sampler pack this is from and curious why it is being sent so late.  Some are wondering if this was the spend $40 at Loblaw Banner stores, submit your receipt offer.  Wondering if they are making up for that mail out and sending out more goodies to those on their list.  The coupons expire soon!  March 22, 2013.

Any guesses where this is from?

Thanks Maureen for the picture and the detailed picture of the coupons included 🙂



2 thoughts on “P&G Sampler Pack – mystery where this is from?

  1. Laura

    I got one today too and i did not do the receipt submission either! It is really nice not to have to buy my hubby razors!!


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