**PEPSI** Mail in Rebate Form–printable!

pepsi  Having trouble finding the Pepsi Mail in Rebate form? Well we have it for you!!! Thanks to Judy for finding this for us.  We double checked with Pepsi to make sure this would be allowed, and here is the response:


You can use this form. Thanks,

Nadia G


Consumer Relations


Service aux Consommateurs”

So, here is the printable form.  Now everyone can participate! Other bloggers please feel free to share this PDF, just a thanks back is appreciated. 🙂

CLICK HERE to learn more about this Pepsi Promo. 🙂

5 thoughts on “**PEPSI** Mail in Rebate Form–printable!

  1. Ann

    I don’t think this would work. I contacted them and they told me you had to use the form from the stores.

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