PC Plus Fridays

Check your PCPlus ,load your offers!

Now you can ‘swipe’ to hold 3 of the offers to use next week. You can also ‘swipe’ to ask them not to send you this offer.

It appears they are fine tuning this app and to me, it looks great!

Want to learn more about the program? CLICK HERE and sign up!pcplus

5 thoughts on “PC Plus Fridays

  1. Tanya

    Apparently you only receive points for specially point marked products and not for general shopping. So $34 worth of shopping gave me no points as I didn’t purchase any special offer products. Or at least that’s the explanation I got from cashier. I have contacted PC via email 3 days ago and have yet to receive an answer.

  2. E

    That is true! You have to buy the products advertised (at RCSS) OR loaded on your account.

    Also, it’s not set up at nofirlls yet!

    • Terry Heffernan

      Yes it is in the no frills in london, glencoe tilbury and Chatham no frills check out neighboring no frills

  3. susan

    In two weeks I have wracked up 117,000points in two weeks by stocking up on finish, palmolive, colgate optic white toothpaste, meat and produce. And I only purchased 2 of the buitoni pizza’s which when priced matched with metro and using a coupon only cost $2.33 and you got 5000 points so making over $2.50 on each on. I know of people who buy products get 20,000 points then go and do it again using the 20,000 points to pay and getting 20,000 point so making tons of points with very little out of pocket. So far I love it. You just have to pay attention and understand how to use it.


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