Pampers Gifts to Grow Points: Getting Started + 180 free points!

The Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards Program rewards you every time you choose Pampers diapers, training pants and wipes for your growing baby.

To start, simply create a Pampers profile for yourself here and collect the codes from all your Pampers purchases (stickers with codes are located on the inside packaging of diapers and wipes – see images in this blog). To see the points add up in your account, just sign up with and enter codes on Gifts to Grow Rewards or on your mobile phone. After that, you can redeem your points for items in the Gifts to Grow rewards catalog.  Also a note, Pampers releases bonus codes all year round on their Twitter account, Facebook account and through mail outs.  Its easy to save up your own points + collect their free points to earn tons of points to get FREE STUFF!


**NEW REWARD – 1,100 points = $10 PC Gift Card! – read more here

You do not need to have a baby to be eligible.  Even if you are young and thinking about a family some day, JOIN, and you can start collecting points from the free ones they release all year round!

Points cannot be transferred to other accounts.

Want to get started? Here is a list of FREE POINTS to get you started (make sure you just copy the code and no spaces or bullets or it will not work – code must be 15 characters exactly).

  • GIFTSTOGROW4MOM = 50 points
  • JOINNOW4REWARDS = 50 points
  • 2BEGINEARNING50 = 50 points
  • WELCOME2VILLAGE = 10 points
  • GTGWELCOME10PTS  = 10 point
  • CONGRATS2NEWMOM = 10 pointsThe Gifts to Grow Rewards Program has been extended until December 31, 2013!




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