Paint and more on sale at HOME DEPOT!




Everyone is getting ready for Spring! We feel like fixing and decorating , something about that warmer weather!

Sales on paint online and mail in rebates!  March 19 to 25th ! Check it out here!

5 thoughts on “Paint and more on sale at HOME DEPOT!

    • Arlene

      Hi Rockco…. Just wondering where abouts you live…. There was some debate as to wether they would take printable coupons…. Thanks

      • rockco

        Home Depot @ Kennedy & Steeles, Brampton… I’ve never used home printed coupons at Home Depot so I wasn’t sure if they would take it either. The cashier indicated previous customers had just used them as well, so maybe the cashier had cleared with the Manager. Not sure what their policy is regarding home printed coupons, but I didn’t stop to ask cause I got such a good deal. Maybe it’s a store discretion. Starting this morning, the store had 212 boxes, and it’s decreasing fast.

    • Anna Tison

      I just got back from the Home Depot at Argentia. They had none in stock (and to be honest the sale ones aren’t odour guard so you guys are lucky they took them). BUT the manager came over to help, was REALLY great about it, and let me use the coupon on a different pack of Glad bags. So I didn’t get free bags, but still managed to use the coupon.

  1. rockco

    These bags are the smaller sizes for kitchen purposes, so their not suitable for everyone. But, at these prices, we can use them daily for cat litter refuse & scooping dog poop.


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