**Old Navy Flip Flop Sale + Coupon!**

old navy  So I actually got up at 7am, and headed to Old Navy to take advantage of the $1 Flip Flop sale.  HUGE selection!! There is a limit of 5 per person, but the colours were awesome, and the men’s and children’s were on sale for $1 as well. They also had some other amazing deals.  $10 shorts for men, $5 Canada Day shirts, $5 children’s shorts, and $8 ladies shirts as well, plus a ton more.  If you go before noon, you’ll receive a coupon for save $10 when you spend $40! So here’s my breakdown today:

5 ladies flip flops

1 men’s flip flops

2 children’s flip flops

4 pairs of children shorts

1 children’s tank top

1 ladies tank top

1 ladies v neck shirt

1 ladies work out pants.

Total spent $51.23!!  That works out to $3.20 an item! I didn’t have a reusable Old Navy bag (they are sold out) but if I did, I could have saved another 10%.  Not a bad shopping trip this morning. Did you go out and grab some deals?


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