OH BOY :( Fraudulent Coupon Circulating – IOGO $4 off Coupon – READ and SHARE in your GROUPS

“Coupons and couponing is a privilege, one not meant to be abused and tarnished for yourself AND every other couponer.  If you are abusing coupons for personal gain, you are ruining couponing, not for just yourself, but for other who TRULY need to save money for their family” Coupon Christine.

It has sadly come to my attention from Michelle (FTLOT) that the $4 IOGO coupon that was circulated in some local newspapers has been SCANNED and PHOTOCOPIED and is in trades across the country now.   Sad that we just celebrated IOGO’s 40,000 fans and now this :( Do we all want to go back to .50 cents off coupons from companies? Or no coupons at all?  Do we want our local stores to STOP taking printables? Is this what we want?  I ask those who got a PHOTOCOPY of this coupon (printed on plain white paper .. and the cow logo is NOT in colour (as it is in the original coupon)) – please discard of it and DO NOT USE IT.

The VALID coupon is printed on newspaper quality paper .. these are legit coupons are are OK to use

Thank you to Michelle for bringing this to our attention tonight, here is what she had to say:


I just wanted to send all my coupon page admin/moderator friends a word of warning. A person in my group was recently sent a trade that consisted of a very fraudulent photocopied 4.00 off IOGO coupon that was from the local newspaper. Please warn people in your group to be on the look out for these fraudulent coupons in trades. The same coupon is also showing up photocopied in colour as well. I’m sad to see these floating around out there but am hoping that people can catch them before they get redeemed.

Thanks for your time,
Michelle Roy (FTLOC)
owner of http://www.facebook.com/groups/fortheloveofcoupons


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