Noticed the price increases? More to come it seems!

Are you noticing the price increases in food? It seems the weakening dollar is at play in much of our costs of imported fruits and vegetables. Tighten your belts, we are in for more. We are hoping to continue to help you save with coupons, tips and tricks. Seems we are going to need it this year.

Financial post January 22/2016. 

The Canadian dollar’s plunge to a nearly 13-year low this week has grocers, fishmongers and other import-reliant retailers warning that shoppers can expect further price increases in the coming months.

Data released on Friday showed Canada’s annual inflation rate rose in December as food prices surged. Canadians paid 4.1 per cent more for food purchased at stores, mainly due to higher prices for fresh fruit and vegetables.

The currency has dropped along with the country’s economic prospects as the price of oil, an important export, tests its lowest levels since 2003.    Read more here.







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