No more coupons in GO Magazine

coupon  Remember those fantastic $2 off Old Dutch chips coupons available in the “GO” Magazine in Toronto? Well, you won’t be seeing them again.  Due to people grabbing all the magazines just for the coupon, “On the GO Magazine” has decided to pull the plug on offering coupons again in their publications.  In a letter from Ryan from the magazine he explains why:

“Hello All,

ON the GO Magazine would like to thank our readers who appreciate the time and effort that goes into publishing our magazine.

Original creative content has almost disappeared from publishing and the GTA publications who still offer this usually charge readers for a hard copy or have started paywall websites. We are committed to always offering FREE copies of our magazine across the GTA at stations and street boxes. We are proud to be an independent company. We exist because of our readers and our loyal advertisers.

As mentioned in other posts, coupons are offered occasionally in ON the GO Magazine. Unfortunately, this will not be the case moving forward

Effective immediately, ON the GO Magazine will NOT contain and/or publish coupons.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly.

ON the GO Magazine”

Please remember everyone, tearpad theft, stealing of magazines, or inserts will ruin couponing for all of us.  Take what you need and leave the rest for others.  No one needs 20 bags of chips, so be kind and let other people have the chance to grab a couple too.

2 thoughts on “No more coupons in GO Magazine

  1. Paula

    Wow.. Not nice to see things have not changed 🙁
    We don’t buy processed foods anymore, so I rarely coupon. I got so sick and tired of the greediness in couponing. Sad, sad, sad.

  2. Chantal

    I work in retail, the vast majority of people who are abusing it in my store are people who own minimarts and variety stores. They use the coupons to get an extra low price and then resell in their own stores at a huge mark up. 🙁


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