No Frills Dollar Days!! Sneak Peek at Matchups!

no frills  Starting tomorrow, No Frills is having their dollar days!  Here’s a sneak peek at their matchups, notice all the FREE?!!  🙂

No Frills Sale Price Coupon Final Price Notes
Chapman’s Premium 500ml/Sandwich $1.00 $4(mailout) FREE 4 for FREE!
Maple Leaf Flakes of Ham $1.00 .50(tearpad) $0.50
Ziploc Bags $1.00 $2wub2(printable) FREE 2 for FREE
Maple Leaf Pies $1.00 .50(tearpad) $0.50
Blackberries $1.00 $1(mini wheats box) FREE
Colgate Total Toothpaste/Toothbrush $1.00 $1(mailout) FREE
Silhouette Yogurt $1.00 $1(tearpad) FREE

3 thoughts on “No Frills Dollar Days!! Sneak Peek at Matchups!

  1. V Martin

    Thanks for the tips! Where do I get those printable coupons for the dollar days you are talking about?


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