No Coupon Necessary! Potatoes and Onions GREAT PRICE at Food Basics

Another awesome deal at Food Basics – NO COUPON required

5lb bags of onions and 5lb bags of potatoes are 2 for $5! AND you can MIX AND MATCH!

GREAT DEAL !                             

4 thoughts on “No Coupon Necessary! Potatoes and Onions GREAT PRICE at Food Basics

  1. Andrea

    Ick! Is it just me or are there others who wouldn’t step foot in a Food Basics no matter what the deal? The last time I went was a couple of weeks ago when they had ground beef on sale. The beef packages were all sticky. I should have just walked out but the deal was sooo good. Then I picked up milk that was wet, yogurt that had dried yogurt stuck to the top and cheese that turned out to be mouldy! I should have written to the store but figured it was my own fault for venturing in there after being burned so many times before. No Frills and Price Chopper are much better choices in my opinion.

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