*NEW* Mail in Rebate on Keurig Coffee Makers

Speaking of the Holidays .. do you have someone wanting a Keurig on your wishlist? Or maybe you want to get one for yourself.  Don’t forget to watch for this Mail in Rebate offer now on select boxes of Keurig coffee makers

Mail-in rebate applicable to Keurig® Special Edition System, Keurig® Elite Brewing System or Keurig® Classic System. UPC: 649645 00654 3, 649645 00454 9, 062151 10700 7.

If your recent purchase included a peel-off sticker for a $10 rebate, you can claim that rebate here!

An extra $10 bucks in your pocket! WIN – WIN!

The purchase must be made between October 1, 2012 and January 31, 2013.  Maximum of one request per person, per address.The request must be post-dated for March 1, 2013..  Further details can be found in the small print located on Keurig.ca’s website



8 thoughts on “*NEW* Mail in Rebate on Keurig Coffee Makers

    • Paul

      I cant get the form either,and really no one to speak to ,are they trying to discourage us from following through with this

  1. christine Post author

    Carol – are you following this link? I just tried it again and it works for me – try it in a different browser ?? https://keurigcontest.ca/coupon-request/

  2. Jamie

    Does anyone know if u have to mail in the form with the peel off sticker because I filled out the form and summit it but can’t figure out how to print it off to send it in with my receipt and peel off?

  3. Hector Lebert

    I just purchased a new Keurig K- cup Special edition with a $30.00 rebate on the box.

    I am trying to get an application form on the computer without any luck.

    Why do you make it so hard to obtain these forms. If they are not available I feel I should take it back
    false advertising. Please reply


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