*NEW* Exclusive Opportunity to Coupon Christine Fans: APPLY to be a 7SERVINGS FOOD TESTER and MEAL PLANNER! WINNERS

7Servings-red-rectangleAre you in constant chaos every night, scrambling around for something to serve for dinner?  Are your kids eating the same old boring meals and your partner grumbling that they are tired of chicken dishes?

Then 7Servings and Coupon Christine are looking for YOU!


  1. Shawna Thuss
  2. Paula Thorne
  3. Christal McKay
  4. Jennifer Peacock
  5. Nicola Fahy
  6. Heather Stephenson
  7. Emily Zhuang
  8. Diane Morgan
  9. Jennifer Andrews
  10. Melissa Powers
  11. Christina Poolie
  12. Katherine Adams
  13. Christine Bailey
  14. Branka Vujcic
  15. Lisa Boulianne



We are looking for 10 families who are not only on the go but also looking for a change in their everyday meal planning.  Entries will be for families who want to find a better routine to their weekly meal planning as well to try some amazing and easy to make recipes. You can be from ANYWHERE in Canada to APPLY!

Logan from 7Servings has spent the last 10 years as a chef in throughout the GTA and has come up with a brilliant way to answer a fairly common problem in most households at dinner time:  “Can you make me a meal plan with simple recipes to follow?”  This has led to 7Servings.com.  Each week on Friday evening, meal plans for the following week are posted for download in a print easy, and easy to read format.  Also included is an organized shopping list making it easy to sort through the pantry and refrigerator to find what you need, but also to save on trips to the grocery store.  He also looks at STORE SPECIALS and fits his meal recipes around store sales.  (BONUS!)

He was on a quest to partner with some lead Canadians that help their fans save CASH and BUDGET for meal planning and he found ME!  He is offering 10 lucky fans a sneak peek into this great program that will take the guesswork out of your weekly meal planning .

Each winner will not only get to try this program for one full week alongside of me, but they will also get the program FREE for 3 months!

Winners will need to keep detailed notes about the food and diary their reaction to this program as their family enjoys 7Servings.

Logan also will be giving my fans an exclusive coupon code to use that will save you 10% off any subscription. STAY TUNED!

If you think your family has what it takes, here is what I will need from you is to answer ALL the questions and email me at Christine@CouponChristine.com with the Subject Line Apply to be a 7Servings Food and Meal Planner7Servings-red-Sq

1) Your full name

2) City and Province you live in

3) How many people eat dinner in your home (do not include small infants not eating food yet).

4) Where you typically grocery shop (list as many stores you have available to you if you shop at a variety of stores)

5) What sorts of meals are you making right now? Be as descriptive as possible.

6) How much time in the evening do you have to prepare a meal?  What nights of the weeks are you unable to prepare meals? (ex. organized sports on Tuesday and Wednesday, etc.)

7) If selected, are you able to commit to this “challenge” and try out this product for a week in total?

8) Are there foods/products you and family just won’t eat?

9) Why should you be chosen to enter this amazing challenge?  Please give me a short (100word) description why you and your family need 7Servings help! (most important question to answer 😉

 Those selected for this awesome opportunity will be contacted as soon as we are able to review all the applications.  Please submit your request by March 29, 2013

If you want to learn ALL about 7Servings check out Logan’s site as well as check back here as we all blog about our experiences of this program.

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