New Coupons Sighted! Coupons found on Duracell Batteries

A great fan sent these to me – coupons found on the inside packaging of Duracell Coppertop batteries

The package of 20 batteries was $10.97 sold at Walmart (Ontario) – but there are definitely $1 and $2 off battery coupons floating around from the last P&G to sweeten this deal

$2 off Pampers Diaper box and one papers 60+ count wipes

$1 off any two charmin products

$5 off 2 oral B battery operated toothbrushes

$1 off any crest pro-health toothpaste (75ml or larger)

$5 off any one duracell battery quick charger kit

$5 off any Proglide razors wub a Proglide cartridge pack

$ 1 off Duracell batteries (4pack or larger)

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