*NEW* Coupons Found inside OAKRUN English Muffins Again

oakrunGreat coupons were inside 6 pack packages of Oakrun English Muffins last year, and once again, they are back! Expiry of June 2014

These coupons are tucked inside the bags of the 6 pack (mostly on the white english muffins), so you need to buy the package of english muffins to get these 🙂

Lactancia Butter 454g ~ save .75cents
Any Black Diamond Cheese produce ~ save .75 cents
Welchs  drink (size 1.36L) ~ Save .75cents
Welchs jar of jam/jelly 509g ~ Save .75cents
Pure via stevia ~ save .75cents
Typhoo 80ct reg or decaf ~ save .75cents
NEW Black Diamond cheese spread product ~ Save .75 cents
Any Johnsonville Sausage ~ save $1.00

ALL WITH a JUNE 2014 expiry!

lynda oakrunThanks Brianna and Lynda for pictures

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