Mystery Schneiders Coupon!

schneiders Mystery coupon going on over at the Schneider’s Page, go check it out and see what you get! You could win an FPC for  any one (1) package of Schneiders® Country NaturalsTM hot dogs , Red Hots®, Juicy Jumbos®, Grill ‘ems® or Villiggio buns or BOGO FREE or $1 off WUB2!

2 thoughts on “Mystery Schneiders Coupon!

  1. Norma

    I followed the link to Schneider’s page that you provided. But when the app asked permission to post to my page AND access my friends list, I canceled my “like” and went away. These days, I only follow apps that allow me to control who sees what.

  2. amandabananda

    Thanks got the FPC!

    Norma – I allow it, and once I get the coupon, I unlike the page and remove the app


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