My Zulily order has arrived!


I was pleasantly surprised when 4 weeks to the day I ordered from Zulily, I received an email that my order had shipped. A few days later, a bag parcel was dropped off at my home with just the shoes in it. They are way too cute! The receipt even came with a cute colouring page for my daughter to use while I looked at the shoes and tried them on her. A week later, I received another email that my order had shipped and this time the Dr Seuss t-shirt was on its way. It was also delivered a few days after reading this email. It appears as though whatever they receive first, they send out, so no waiting which is a huge bonus PLUS the company did not charge me extra fees to do this which I loved!

I was very impressed by the quality and appearance of the products. The shirt had a hanger and a plastic wrap to protect if during shipping. The shoes were not crushed nor was their cute little bow torn off during shipping despite being shipped in a plastic shipping bag.

I would for sure buy from them again. Thank you Zulily for a great experience! To order from Zulily, you must first sign up to their email list. It’s totally free!

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