My Target Finds – Will Canada have these never seen before products in Target Stores?

Every year, my 2 aunts, cousins, my mom, my sister, my daughter and I pack up for a BUSY weekend away shopping in New York and staying for FREE at my aunts ski chalet.  Our Annual Women’s Shopping Trip to score some deals before Black Friday :)  We found some AMAZING deals which I will be posting throughout the next few days.

I wanted to share some products I saw on the shelves at Target that we have not yet seen in our Canadian stores in hopes to get you all excited about some exciting finds we may see in our Canadian Target stores in 2013.


Oreo Flavours – now this is just 1 of about 6 unique flavours of Oreo’s I saw on the shelf.  These are DELICIOUS and I love the way the packaging opens.  They also had Christmas themed Oreo’s with red and green frosting, mint dipped Oreo’s and the half and half Oreo’s (half golden/half chocolate).




Philadelphia Cream Cheese Flavours – ok this was one of my best deals – on sale for .99cents at Target as it appeared they got WAY too many at this location.  SO DELICIOUS!  They also had a few other limited edition flavours for the American thanksgiving






Nutella & Go! Need I say more. :)


3 thoughts on “My Target Finds – Will Canada have these never seen before products in Target Stores?

  1. Sherry Webb

    I am not sure we will ever see some of the “different” oreo cookies here in Canada. I know there are Halloween Oreo, Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos, Creamsicle, Winter, Gingerbread etc etc…most of which I don’t believe we have here. In the US, these products are manufactured under the Nabisco Logo and here in Canada, the products are manufactured under the Kraft Logo. More importantly though is the “recipe” for the cookies are different between US and Canada. In Canada the fat used in the cookies is Coconut Oil whereas our US counterparts use Non Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils. I wonder, if this has to do with the mandate introduce by Health Canada that products sold to Canadian consumers are to be limited to 5% trans fats….I believe Non Hydrogenated Vegetable oils would be higher than the 5%…which is why Manufacturers moved to coconut oils.


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